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Repost: Why Sustainable?

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would do a repost on why I am trying to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. This is a post from almost two years ago and it is quite interesting for me to revisit! I hope that you enjoy it and that you all have a lovely and ‘green’ […]

HOPE: Marie-Lourdes

Despite struggling with blindness for more than half her life, Marie-Lourdes has singlehandedly raised four children and three grandchildren and built a successful enterprise in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Her warm, inviting personality belies the struggles she has seen in her life since an undiagnosed illness stole her eyesight when she […]

trust: reflecting

Why did I pick such a difficult word of the year? Goodness! I’ve been reflecting the last couple of days on how much the word ‘trust’ has played into my life so far this year. Why is trusting so hard? Lately, I have been battling with trusting that we will be provided for. Things have […]

Partnering with Hope International

Since I have envisioned myself running a little shop on etsy, I always wanted to figure out how to use it to benefit others. There are so many great organizations out there and so many places to make donations and I was always a bit stumped when I thought about where this money should go. […]

Crazy Love

I’m ashamed. It has taken me so long to write up a review of Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. I mean. Really. It’s a book that changed my life. Honestly. And I know several others that have been radically challenged by this book. I have read this book twice now. Once with my group of […]

CH:H My Listings

In light of the last post, I whipped up a few things to add to Craft Hope’s etsy shop to raise money for Haiti. I got permission from Rebeka (aka artsycraftbabe) to use her free Phoebe Bag pattern to list in the esty shop, so if you’ve always liked that bag but don’t sew, now’s […]

Craft Hope for Haiti

I know I have felt a little paralyzed to help with this whole situation that is going on in Haiti. My heart just aches for those people. My mind spins at the tragedy. More than anything, I want to give to make an impact over there but our finances are a little strained at the […]