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trust: reflecting

Why did I pick such a difficult word of the year? Goodness! I’ve been reflecting the last couple of days on how much the word ‘trust’ has played into my life so far this year. Why is trusting so hard? Lately, I have been battling with trusting that we will be provided for. Things have […]

Word for the year.

My good friend, Amanda, has done the word of the year for two years running. Last year, I said that I would think about it, and this year I would actually like to participate. Really what it boils down to is choosing a word for the year that you want to live by. When I […]

More Changes for the New Decade

I realize that I try to start every post with the word ‘so’. Bad habit. Trying to break it. I’m starting with this post. That means I started this post with ‘so’ and went back and deleted it. Hm. Change number one. I’m realizing how appropriate it is to post this post on New Years […]