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shuffling some things around

Hey blog friends. I’m making some technical changes around here so you may see everything redirected to my old blog, Once things are complete, will be hosted on my own server and will no longer be a method of reaching my blog. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to […]

Berry Pickin’

Earlier this week we packed up and headed out towards Marble Falls to do some berry pickin’ at Sweet Berry Farms. I’d never been berry picking before and we had just narrowly missed strawberry season. You see, strawberries don’t last long in the Texas heat. But you know what thrives in this ridiculous heat? Blackberries! […]

Splish Splash!

Monkey man loves his new little splash pool! I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of time out on our patio!

the ongoing diaper quest

Remember how I made my own wool diaper covers? Well, they work . . . alright at best. I obviously have somethings to learn about crafting my own wool diapers. So I caved and bought two ‘one size’ wool diaper covers from Little Beetle from Tiny Bird Organics. A green one and an orange one. […]

oven chicken risotto

Thank you to all of you who offered up your recipes in exchange for a chance to win the bibs and burp rags. There are some true gems in there! The first one I tried was this oven chicken risotto. It was offered up by my high school friend, Anne, who has been making this […]

A new phase is beginning.

Jude is almost a year old and I always said that once we hit that milestone, I would begin to wean him since it’s acceptable for him to drink whole milk. It’s been on my mind more frequently lately since pumping doesn’t seem to work for me any longer (I only get an ounce at […]

4 years ago today . . .

I got married to the love of my life. Happy anniversary my love. The song is “I Love You Much” by our good friend Justin Caldwell – written for our wedding day and inspired by the e.e. cummings poem.