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Cloth Diapers for Sale

**Update – They are all sold. Thanks you guys! Hello blog friends. I am posting these here because I know some of you are pregnant and considering cloth diapers. I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to buy some used cloth diapers at a fraction of the price of new ones. I have stripped […]

10 Months

Uh huh. You know it. Time is still going too quickly. It has been a bit of a rough month in the Carroll household. Between the whole family getting sick promptly after vacation, we have had a uncharacteristically unhappy baby. There has been a lot of this: and this: happening, without much soothing to be […]

oh motherhood

I will say that these last 10 months have been the journey of a lifetime. A difficult journey of a lifetime. I knew that having a child would change, stretch, challenge and strip away my selfishness but sometimes head knowledge doesn’t make the actually experience any easier. I didn’t fully foresee the way a child […]

9 Months

A little late on this 9 month update. And I’ve gotta add the obligatory, ‘time is flying’ remark. It is. Jude turned 3/4 of a year last Tuesday and on Thursday we went for our 9 month doctor’s visit. He’s finally slowing down on the weight gain! He’s 21 pounds (50%) and seems to be […]

Eight Months

Another month has flown on by. I feel like I just typed up the seven month update yesterday! And to be completely honest, it was a fairly difficult month. Jude had his first bout with sickness and I had a couple encounters with sickness as well. It is very difficult to try and take care […]

the many names . . .

We’ve been realizing that we don’t really call Jude by his name very often. A sampling? Baby Dude Jude Monkey Booger/ Booger Baby* Bumblejams* Potato Monkey Kicky Kicky Kickerson* Babyman Pretty sure that doesn’t even encompass them all. 🙂 * Several of the names have corresponding songs that go along with them…

Seven Months

Here we are again. Another month has passed. We are getting closer and closer to the one year birthday and it just seems unreal to me. I have friends that are having babies now and I see how little their newborns are and I really don’t remember Jude being that small. But at the same […]