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the kitchen

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone picture but we were really lazy and just didn’t take many ‘good’ pictures with our nice camera! This was the beautiful kitchen I cooked in while we were on vacation. It was amazing. Double oven. Griddle in the center of the eight burner stove. Cappuccino machine. I miss it already. […]

the house of relaxation

Just wait until you see the inside. The kitchen . . . oh the kitchen.

the view from here

Not too shabby. 🙂

happy friday

We’re off to New Mexico for a week of rest, relaxation, hiking and mountains. Not sure I’ll be stopping in on the computer very often during our week away, but I may drop you guys a photo or two of the all the loveliness that we’ll be encountering. I’m sure I’ll be cooking some delicious […]

The Best Lil’ Lakehouse in Texas

So I may have fooled you guys into thinking I was actually at my computer yesterday with that strawberry gelato post. Turns out, I was not. I was still on vacation. A pretty amazing, relaxing, refreshing vacation. Our good friends let us use their beautiful lake house for a one last ‘just the two of […]

A Campy Weekend

This weekend we had the opportunity to visit with some friend who recently moved to Tyler. We had so much fun getting to catch up with them and hang out with their beautiful daughter, Sadie. She is our studio baby, born our fourth year of college, amidst a large group of ‘aunts and uncles’. It’s […]

A Long Floridian Weekend

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of spending a long weekend with my Aunt, Uncles, cousins and my new second cousin! Meet Dylan! Isn’t he so cute? And I also got to meet Diana’s puppy, Mimi who was an utter character: We spent our first day relaxing by the pool, playing with Dylan and […]