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Carmelized Chipotle Chicken and Smashed Potatoes

I got ambitious a couple weeks ago and decided I would teach myself how to break down a whole raw chicken. Of course I referenced various youtube videos for guidance. I didn’t do too bad but could certainly use some improvement. For me, it’s much easier just cooking a whole chicken and cutting it after […]

Honey-Mustard Chicken-Sausage Kebabs

Just to prove that I still cook and don’t just bake, I am sharing a simple recipe for some chicken kebabs. Kebabs. Weird word huh? Well, anyways, they turned out pretty nicely – I ended up using pieces of red bell pepper (I couldn’t find mini bell peppers) and some pre-cooked chicken sausages that I […]

BBQ Roasted Salmon

So this is probably’s Jason’s favorite salmon preparation that I make. I typically serve it with some wilted spinach for a super quick, healthy meal. I buy about 1/2 lb of salmon fillet for around $5 (wild Alaskan salmon is best, farmed or Atlantic salmon is the worst – high in mercury and PCBs) and […]

Summertime, and the living is easy.

I keep losing this recipe so I decided to post it here mainly so it would be easy for me to find in the future but also because I wanted to share the recipe because I LOVE these ribs. I know, I know, ribs are totally unheathly, the fat content is so high, blah blah […]