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Salted Caramel Ice Cream

The first ice cream I tried from Cooking Light’s ice cream recipes was just ok – too sweet. You would think I would have learned from that! I think you guys know my propensity for salted sweets by now, so I was sucked into this recipe pretty easily. Again, it was good but would have […]

Banana Ice Cream

I am ashamed that it has taken me so long to try this. ASHAMED. Seriously. This may be the only one ingredient recipe I ever post on this site, and it’s worth trying. I mean, it only requires one ingredient and it’s a cheap ingredient. You could even buy it organic and it would still […]

Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Ice cream season has officially begun. I love getting my ice cream maker out of the cabinet and trying new recipes and getting reacquainted with old ones. Cooking Light ran a spend on several tasty sounding ice creams that I thought I would give a try. First up was this fresh mint ice cream. Sounds […]

Butterscotch Sauce

I swear to you, Deb from Smitten Kitchen and I have the same taste buds. She posts things on her blog and I MUST make them. Preferably the same day. She and I have a taste for salted caramel. I love salt. And sweets. So salted caramel is perfect. Turns out that butterscotch is salted […]

Vanilla-Bean Ice Cream

Since I recently got over my fear of custards, I decided I would try out an ice cream recipe. And with all this pie and dessert that’s going around, what goes better than some vanilla bean ice cream? Again, I used vanilla bean paste from instead of whole beans and thought it was very […]

Cranberry and Vanilla Bean Sorbet

I know, ice cream during winter. I’m crazy. But I like frozen treats. Just in case you haven’t had enough cranberries yet… This recipe is a great way to utilize any that you may have left over. The vanilla and cranberry are unsuspecting companions but it really works. I used fresh cranberries and vanilla bean […]

Kiwi-Lime Sorbet

I whipped up this sorbet the other day by merging a couple of recipes I’ve seen for kiwi sorbet. I really liked the way it turned out! The lime is a perfect compliment to the kiwi and the sorbet is very refreshing for these ridiculous dog-days of summer and it’s moderately healthy. I also just […]