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Chai Concentrate

Angry Chicken posted about this recipe awhile back and I’ve already made three batches of it. I love chai. And while I know this isn’t REAL chai, it is delicious and versatile. You can add it to tea or coffee, drizzle it over ice cream, or if you really wanted to, add it to milk […]

Watermelon-Lime Agua Fresca

So Mindy had some leftover watermelon that needed a home and of course, I volunteered to take it! I originally had thought of making sorbet, but when it stopped raining and the temperatures spiked again I thought agua fresca. You can use any melon to make an agua fresca since all it is simply pureed […]

Vodka Limoncello Mint Fizz

So each summer we seem to create a signature summer drink. Last summer, it was the Garden Party. This summer, once Jude was born, this drink was born out of the Limoncello-Mint Sorbet with Blackberries. It started with us adding vodka to the sorbet, which was delicious, although still a little sweet. Since I had […]

Rosemary Peach Lemonade

This is quickly becoming a recipe blog! Sorry guys – I will eventually get back to crafting but I haven’t really had the energy as of late. 🙂 So yeah, still not drinking liquor because this kiddo isn’t here yet (but I’m yearning for my first Garden Party to say ‘cheers’ to this already sweltering […]

The Summer Drink To End All Drinks

Fino is one of our all time favorite Austin restaurants. I love their small plates – it’s my favorite way to eat dinner. Our favorite cocktail happens to reside at Fino. It’s called a “Garden Party”. Now the last time I was there (Tuesday, June 10th), the bartender was kind enough to give me the recipe. […]