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Sauteed Striped Bass with Greek Orzo Salad

Happy April Fools Day! I’m not good at the whole prank thing, so I’ll leave that up to other bloggers to deliver foolery to commemorate the occasion. 🙂 As an attempt to get more sustainably harvested fish into our diet, we found out the HEB delivers their fish on Tuesday mornings. So we’re going to […]

Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Mayo

Yummy. This reminds me of something you would order at a restaurant – it’s so delicious! I love it when I make a meal I feel like I could purchase in a restaurant! I was pretty lucky because I had everything at home already except for the shrimp, so this made for a fairly inexpensive […]

Fish Cakes with Coleslaw and Horseradish-Dill Sauce

I love crab cakes a lot so when I saw that Bon Appetit had a cheap, knock off, crab cake wanna be recipe in their cheap and easy feature I knew I had to make it. I really thought that that fish cakes and sauce were delicious and came together very quickly – I was […]

New England Clam and Corn Chowder with Herbs

I really like the special quick and easy recipes special that Bon Appetit ran in their January issue. They focused on created an easy, quick menu for a whole week, for a family of 4, for $100 – I think they even came in under budget. They also threw in a dessert for all week! […]

Butternut Squash Soup with Cider Cream

I love fall food. It’s warm, it’s rich, it’s filling and it is filled with the holidays. Butternut squash is one of those vegetables that I just discovered last fall (which is sad, I know) when I added it to Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Pasta (which I need to make again because it was […]

Tea Smoked Salmon with Cucumber Relish

Again, I can’t post the recipe since the recipe will be in a future cookbook but here is one that is on Jaden’s (ie Steamy Kitchen’s) non cookbook testing recipe blog site that has a similar method of cooking the salmon. It is fantastic. Please try this. This was the final accomplishment of my superwoman […]

Gingery Salmon with Peaches

So, I wanted to make the most of the remaining peach season which is why this recipe initially peaked my interest. I’ve got to say, this recipe came together very quickly – there are only a few ingredients and because of that you have to make sure that the ingredients you have are very high […]