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Yummy food that I have cooked up and given my seal of approval!

Lemon Yogurt Cake with Blueberry Sauce

I love the idea of an everyday cake. One that’s not frosted or fussy. Simple, elegant and delicious. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am not a cake decorator. I admire those who are, but I don’t have the patience to do it myself. That’s why I love cakes like this, they are still […]

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

I had never made macaroons before. I had heard people talk about them before, but I hadn’t actually had a macaroon, so I had no inclination to make them myself. Well, the stars aligned and I just happened to have all of the ingredients in my house and needed a snack for our first small […]

Chicken Milanese with Spring Greens

This was a simple weeknight meal that felt very satisfying and balanced. The addition of the simple green salad made the rest of the meal feel so healthy that it made me wonder why I don’t do that more often. For some strange reason, I’m intimidated by salads. Silly, right? I think I needlessly worry […]

Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Ice cream season has officially begun. I love getting my ice cream maker out of the cabinet and trying new recipes and getting reacquainted with old ones. Cooking Light ran a spend on several tasty sounding ice creams that I thought I would give a try. First up was this fresh mint ice cream. Sounds […]

Grilled Balsamic Skirt Steak with Sauteed Baby Spinach and Tomato-Vidalia-Blue Cheese Salad

Let me start this post out by saying how I am so ready for my tomato plants to start producing! I strongly dislike buying fresh tomatoes at the grocery store. They never really taste as good as I’d like. Thankfully I found some organic ones on sale for this recipe and they were decently tasty. […]

Open-Faced Sandwiches with Ricotta, Arugula, and Fried Egg

Here’s a little secret. Sandwiches are hard for me to be inventive with. I get stuck in the meat, cheese, mustard bubble and then have a hard time branching out, which is why is usually find myself thinking that I don’t like sandwiches. Thankfully, I find recipes that remind me that there are many different […]

chocolate soufflĂ© cupcakes with mint cream

Ah yes, the flourless chocolate (cup)cake. We see this done over and over again at every chain restaurant in the country. Sometimes it has a molten center, sometimes it’s served with ice cream, sometimes it’s huge, sometimes it’s hardly bigger than your spoon. This recent classic is a crowd pleaser. As long as you like […]