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Pork Tangerine Stir Fry with Chili Sauce

I saw Amanda had tried this recipe and decided since she had enjoyed it, I should give it a shot. You see, I saw this recipe in Bon Appetit and scanned over it and kinda shrugged my shoulders. Sometimes I need a bit of a nudge to try recipes out of my comfort zone. . […]

Chipotle Pork Cheeseburger

I’m still here, I promise – things are just busier than normal and I’m a bit distracted and preoccupied with other things. I will let everyone know once the baby gets here (and say a prayer for me that it will happen this weekend, please?)! All I have to share today is a recipe I […]

Slow-Cooked Carnitas Tacos

In all honesty, I didn’t have high hopes for this recipe, but the reviews were so good I decided I should try it. I mean, c’mon, it’s only pork, salt, pepper, oregano and some onions. Pretty simple and cheap. So I dusted off our slow cooker (we were in a fight – it burned the […]

Spice-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Baby Carrots

Oh the carrots in the recipes. . . so good. Not to say that the pork wasn’t good, but the carrots. . . they were the stars of this dish. It should be noted that they definitely do not need to be roasted as long as the recipe calls for. The carrots probably need about […]

Baked Ziti with Spinach and Tomatoes (and Sausage!)

I made this recipe Saturday for a potluck dinner on Saturday night and had so many requests for the recipe that I thought I’d go ahead and post the recipe here for all to see.¬† I picked it because it had so few ingredients and I thought I could increase the proportions¬†to serve more people. […]

Pork Parmesan and Ricotta Gnocchi

{And now we resume regularly scheduled programming.} The pork parmesan is something that I took from what my mom used to make and I changed it just a bit! Jason has always like this recipe and I’ve made it pretty continuously for the past couple of years. I would imagine it would work well with […]

Chorizo, Poblano, and Yam Fajitas with Lime-Marinated Red Onions

This is another of those crazy cheap meals that Bon Appetit featured in their January issue. This recipe stuck out at me because it was odd. Very odd. Who has ever had fajitas with chorizo and yams? Weird. Well, it’s delicious. Each person that had it thought at first bite that it was a bit […]