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Turkey Meatloaf with Mushrooms and Herbs, Mashed Potatoes and Glazed Root Vegetables

Bon Appetit did pretty great this issue with hitting on recipes I was actually going to cook! It must be something about the fall season or something. This turkey meatloaf reminds me of thanksgiving. The cubes of bread remind me of stuffing, and the turkey mixed with mushrooms remind me of the full bird. It’s […]

Spicy Turkey Paella

So my parents came in town this weekend. And it seems to be a new tradition that my mom brings a turkey with her whenever she comes to visit. Yes. I said a turkey. Like a thanksgiving turkey, cooked in Dallas, driven to Austin and ready to be eaten. Well, it’s a delicious tradition and […]

Turkey Pot Pie

So, since my mom brought a turkey for us to eat on Saturday night, I have tons and tons of leftover turkey to make delicious food with. My first thought was to make a turkey pot pie with the leftover mashed potato crust (sprinkled with Parmesan!). I love potato crusts on pot pies – I […]

Smoked Turkey, Blue Cheese, and Red Onion Sandwiches

So I made this for dinner and lunch a couple weeks ago but Gourmet just posted the recipe on their website recently which is why I waited so long to post this. When we had it for dinner it felt like something was missing. So for lunch I added bacon and sliced green apples and […]


I made this one a while back as a quick meal to take to some friends and it was surprisingly good for as quick and easy as it came together. It’s definitely a great summer pasta dish – not as heavy as some. Soon of you may know that I have a deep love for […]