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Austin Restaurant Week: Green Pastures

I’m lagging behind in my restaurant write up! We visited Green Pastures for restaurant week last Tuesday after debating whether or not it was wise for us to spend more money on eating out. I read a restaurant week blog review for Green Pastures and it was all done, we decided we would enjoy life […]

Austin Restaurant Week: Parkside

Bon Appetit referenced it as one of the New American Taverns. The Statesmen wrote it up as having one of the best happy hours in the city. Recalling reading about it on both accounts, we decided that Parkside would be one of the restaurants for us to visit during Austin’s Restaurant Week. We were not […]


This post is a little behind since we ate here for New Years but it’s not even the 10th of January yet, so it still can apply! We visited Sagra for our New Years dinner because they had a special New Years menu that was fixed price and sounded very delicious. It was certainly one […]


So this is the last blog about my birthday, I promise. For the day of my birthday we went to Olivia which is a fairly new restaurant that focuses on a partnership with local farmers and artisans in the Austin community. Of course, this peaked my interest. Now I had heard a variety of reviews […]

Botticelli’s South Congress

A good friend came in town on Friday night and she requested Italian food. I had heard some good things about the fairly new restaurant Botticelli’s on South Congress and we took this opportunity to try it out. The atmosphere was cozy and quaint – a bit like an Italian trattoria. The dining area was […]


A couple Tuesdays ago, Jason and I took advantage of Restaurant Week and tried out a restaurant we otherwise would not have tried because of price constraints. The fixed price menu during Restaurant Week was just the key. Sadly, we didn’t think to take our camera in to take pictures of the beautiful and delicious […]

An Austin Weekend

So after going to Portland and seeing the beautiful sights just minutes outside of downtown, we decided to see what was just minutes outside of Austin. We’d heard good things about Hamilton Pool and decided to head out that way and see it in person. Typically, if we had any rain, there would have been […]