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Book Club Treats

I had the pleasure of hosting book club last month and made some fun treats that were gobbled up. My goal was to make simple/quick items that had very few ingredients but still packed a lot of punch in the flavor department. Oh, and I had a very small budget, so the ingredients had to […]

Feta Salsa

Another recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I know, I should branch out a bit! But she’s just so good at what she does! She compiled this list of party foods and I wanted to make everything on the list. Really. I almost did. I tried to limit myself and still ended up with more than we […]

Zucchini + Goat Cheese = Love

We had a successful little dinner party last night and I will be progressively posting the recipes that I tried out on everyone since they were all pretty delicious. These little tarts were awesome and really easy to make. Gotta love a recipe where you don’t have to make the pie crust from scratch! It’s […]