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Aishwarya Rai Digital Collage

So a friend of mine was helping host an art auction to raise money for her social work internship organization and they asked local artists to donate a portrait of some of their clients hero’s. I decided that I wanted to help out and I choose Aishwarya Rai, former Miss World from India and decided […]

Animals Rockin’ Out!

I know, some people call this ‘nesting’. I call it, ‘I’m a designer and want everything to look exactly how I envision it.’ In other words, snobby. I’ve started working on some ‘art’ (if you can call it art) pieces for Jude’s room. Ellie actually sent me a link to some prints on Etsy that […]

No One Told Me

Peter Nevland is a local Austin poet. I read about him on a Relevant Magazine post the other day and I really enjoyed his reading and thought I would pass it on. This and several other Austin poets make me really want to go to some slams because there is some serious talent here.