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Custom New Mama Set – Patricia Bravo

Can I just say again how much I like Patricia Bravo? This NMS used Filigree Deco Plants in Teal and Goldsmiths Work in Fresh. I think it’s just beautiful. Hmm shoulda ironed the nursing cover before taking that picture… The lifesaving sling… Perfect for those early days… And the later days too! And no set […]

10 Month Photo Shoot

I have theĀ privilegeĀ of knowing many fantastic photographers. Recently, I attended a portrait party at the Children’s Sculpture Garden at Mueller and had the opportunity to get to know Heike Murphy, who truly has a fantastic eye for photographing children. I think my favorite part of her shots is how they don’t look posed at all […]

beachin’ it up

This past weekend, we took Jude to the beach for the first time. The weather was not quite what we had hoped but we had a great time nonetheless. We forgot our camera (of course) but we did get a couple of fun shots with our iPhones. He adored the beach. I mean, what’s better […]

wool diapers

I think I’ve taken this whole hippie thing to a new level with this. I mean, I did it out of necessity (see here for more info on that), but man, I never thought I would see the day where I was sewing my own diaper covers. These are definitely not my finest sewing moments, […]

it’s the simple things

While we were in Dallas over the weekend for Mother’s Day and surprising my mom for her 60th Birthday, we got a couple of family pictures, taken by my wonderful BIL, Jonny, of DTX Photography. First off, the standard group shot. Jude wasn’t much for smiling when we were taking these pictures. Oh well. Still […]

oh motherhood

I will say that these last 10 months have been the journey of a lifetime. A difficult journey of a lifetime. I knew that having a child would change, stretch, challenge and strip away my selfishness but sometimes head knowledge doesn’t make the actually experience any easier. I didn’t fully foresee the way a child […]

sweet pod

I saw this carrier back in January, when Meg from Sew Liberated blogged about it. I thought it would be a great carrier to have if we wanted to go hiking. I mean, jogging strollers don’t really cut it for hiking. . . And the pocket sling that I love and adore? Not the best […]