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Veggie Burger with Muhammara

I am still trying to beef up bulk up the vegetarian section of my recipes page, so I have been trying out different vegetarian recipes for you guys. Some have failed miserably and some have just been mediocre. Then I went to a lunch time cooking class at Whole Foods and had these veggie burgers. […]

Black Bean Veggie Burger with Mango Salsa

Add another successful recipe to the vegetarian section of the recipe page! I’ve tried several versions of homemade veggie burgers previously, but had always been disappointed. I think the problem was that they were missing cheese. Cheese makes everything better – especially a spicy monterrey jack! What’s truly special about this burger is the mango […]

Chipotle Pork Cheeseburger

I’m still here, I promise – things are just busier than normal and I’m a bit distracted and preoccupied with other things. I will let everyone know once the baby gets here (and say a prayer for me that it will happen this weekend, please?)! All I have to share today is a recipe I […]

We’ve Got Beef!

. . . was the title of the e-mail I received Thursday night. That’s right. Our half cow was ready. Alexander Farms is mostly known as a chicken farm with a sustainable focus. I see their eggs offered in some of the most locally conscious restaurants in town (like Fino), but I found out through […]

Jerk Pork Cheeseburger with Green Apple Slaw

Thank you Amanda for recommending this recipe on your blog! We tried it last night and I must say, it was a pretty big hit (with leftovers for lunch, yum!). I would definitely make this for guests. Recipe for Jerk Pork Cheeseburgers with Green Apple Slaw

Burgers, Veggies, Panna Cotta, oh my!

In honor of making these yummy burgers again last night, I thought I’d post the recipe. We still have some burgers and panna cotta left so I’ll try to make a pretty plate and take some pictures to post. I served them on toasted dinner rolls, with arugula, homemade garlic/black pepper mayo and feta cheese […]