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wool diapers

I think I’ve taken this whole hippie thing to a new level with this. I mean, I did it out of necessity (see here for more info on that), but man, I never thought I would see the day where I was sewing my own diaper covers. These are definitely not my finest sewing moments, […]

cloth diaper dilemma

I think all of you know now how much I love using cloth diapers. There are so many reasons why I do it: health, environment, wallet, aesthetics. . . I have offered you comparisons on different brands that I have tried and now, I’m stuck. The red marks around Jude’s chunky thighs, around his belly […]

Bum Genius Diaper Success!

The Bum Genius 3.0 fit now and they’re super easy to use! Yay for not having to depend on disposables now! We’re also still using these cloth wipes and I like them a lot. I’m about to try a homemade diaper wipe solution that I will spray on the wipes before using.  I’ll share the […]