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Repost: Why Sustainable?

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would do a repost on why I am trying to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. This is a post from almost two years ago and it is quite interesting for me to revisit! I hope that you enjoy it and that you all have a lovely and ‘green’ […]

Partnering with Hope International

Since I have envisioned myself running a little shop on etsy, I always wanted to figure out how to use it to benefit others. There are so many great organizations out there and so many places to make donations and I was always a bit stumped when I thought about where this money should go. […]

Overwhelmed and Exhausted . . .

. . . seems to be the mood for everyone as of recent. I don’t know if it’s the season, the economy or just the phase of life that everyone is in but it seems that people that I have immediate contact with are all feeling it. I have to admit, I have to fend […]

A Follow Up

I think I’ve begun to recognize this feeling as the beginning of a change in my heart. My past year has been spattered with this same unsettled emotion that would not go away until I acted on the feeling for change. It’s amazing when you pray that God would give you His heart, sometimes, it […]

Oh sigh.

I know. My postings haven’t quite been regular this week. It’s been quite the week. There has been some job instability along with some announcing of sad news from some good friends of ours, meals tossed in the compost bin due to inedibility and various other turmoil that is not common to our normal weeks. […]

Mama to Mama: Second Round

So my coworkers donated some more t-shirts (yay for some colorful ones this time!) to make 13 more caps (for a total of 32) and I also completed 3 receiving blankets for Mama to Mama. I think one more coworker may be bringing in some t-shirts this week so there may be a round three […]

Mama to Mama: First Round

So, I asked my co-workers for some t-shirt donations and they definitely came through. This weekend (amidst feeling pretty sick and not moving very far from the couch or the bed) I managed to whip up 19 of these precious little caps for Mama to Mama. They’re very simple to sew and I’m hoping to […]