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The 100th Post!

Who knew that I really would commit to this blog? The last two I’ve had just didn’t work out but somehow, this one stuck! The blog is only about 2 months old and somehow, I got to Post 100! There are plans in the works to move the blog to my own domain . . […]

Beauty Chemicals to Avoid.

This is something I’ve been researching more and more as I get into this whole clean hippie thing. It’s amazing that our government does not regulate some of the chemicals (or labels for that matter) that go into these products since our skin absorbs around 60% of whatever we put on it. Europe has already […]

Hippie(Chick) Beth.

(OK, in honor of the hilarity that Amanda beat me to posting about this and I’ve had this sitting in my ‘drafts’ for about a week now, I will go ahead and post about it too!) It’s true. I’m turning into a hippie. I’m making my own clothes, concerned with the environment and I have […]