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Banana Ice Cream

I am ashamed that it has taken me so long to try this. ASHAMED. Seriously. This may be the only one ingredient recipe I ever post on this site, and it’s worth trying. I mean, it only requires one ingredient and it’s a cheap ingredient. You could even buy it organic and it would still […]

Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Ice cream season has officially begun. I love getting my ice cream maker out of the cabinet and trying new recipes and getting reacquainted with old ones. Cooking Light ran a spend on several tasty sounding ice creams that I thought I would give a try. First up was this fresh mint ice cream. Sounds […]

Kiwi-Lime Sorbet

I whipped up this sorbet the other day by merging a couple of recipes I’ve seen for kiwi sorbet. I really liked the way it turned out! The lime is a perfect compliment to the kiwi and the sorbet is very refreshing for these ridiculous dog-days of summer and it’s moderately healthy. I also just […]

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

In an attempt at being healthier in my frozen treat creations, I tried out a recipe that Jenn passed on to me: Blueberry Frozen Yogurt. I will try pretty much any frozen treat recipe that does not involve making a custard prior to putting it in the ice cream maker, so this one met my […]

Coconut Ice Cream

I really can’t believe I haven’t shared this recipe with you guys yet. It is the easiest ice cream to make and probably one of mine and Jason’s all time favorites. It’s thick and creamy yet takes no effort. We had coconut ice cream for the first time on our honeymoon three years ago. It […]

Fresh Strawberry Gelato

The ice cream maker is out in full force now and this recipe is delicious and it’s easy. And there are no seeds to get stuck in your teeth! I don’t know if this is an honest to goodness gelato since there is cream in it, but it’s still more milk than cream. . . […]

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

I like to make my own frozen treats since so many commercial ice creams contain really weird ingredients that I don’t want to eat. . . high fructose corn syrup, weird additives, fake flavoring agents. . . it’s much safer if I just make it myself! 🙂 Since we had finished off some of the […]