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Craft Hope for Haiti

I know I have felt a little paralyzed to help with this whole situation that is going on in Haiti. My heart just aches for those people. My mind spins at the tragedy. More than anything, I want to give to make an impact over there but our finances are a little strained at the […]

7 Year Anniversary Jewelry

So, you might be familiar with the concept of each wedding anniversary having a fabric, metal and precious stone assigned to it. One of my best friend’s husband asked me to design some jewelry, working the items for their 7 year anniversary into the design. For year 7 the fabric is wool, the metal is […]

A Crafty Day Off – Part 2

I’m afraid this post may not be as exciting as the last one. At least, I’m not as excited about it as my last one. Sadly, my second day of crafting was not quite as productive as I would have hoped. Mainly because of the failed attempt at another pattern I created on my own. […]