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Watermelon-Lime Agua Fresca

So Mindy had some leftover watermelon that needed a home and of course, I volunteered to take it! I originally had thought of making sorbet, but when it stopped raining and the temperatures spiked again I thought agua fresca. You can use any melon to make an agua fresca since all it is simply pureed […]

Kiwi-Lime Sorbet

I whipped up this sorbet the other day by merging a couple of recipes I’ve seen for kiwi sorbet. I really liked the way it turned out! The lime is a perfect compliment to the kiwi and the sorbet is very refreshing for these ridiculous dog-days of summer and it’s moderately healthy. I also just […]

Frozen Watermelon Lime Bar

[I know, too many posts in one day. Sorry. I just wanted to post all of these recipes!] Oh goodness. This was such a hit. It sounds so simple but it is just delicious, refreshing and summery! You can probably see a theme in the recent recipes – it’s all about summer. Lemon, basil, tomatoes, […]