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Zou Elefante and Meet the Finches

So on our drive from Austin to Dallas for T-Day, I started working on some Christmas presents that didn’t require the sewing machine. One thing you should know. I am in love with softies. Especially softies that are intentionally a little cartoon creepy (like carrots, monsters or cupcakes), but that’s not what this one is. […]

Cat + Laundry Basket = ?

So you may already know that our cat, Malachi, has some weird tendencies. This one is definitely odd. We have two laundry baskets (one for colds, one for warms) in our bathroom that we got from Ikea. Here is what the cat likes to do the the laundry baskets (I promise, we don’t put anything […]

Cat + Shower = ??

Weird cat. What more can I say? (Although I think my favorite part is that Jason says ‘Good morning Malachi!’ and he meows in response.)