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Black Bean Veggie Burger with Mango Salsa

Add another successful recipe to the vegetarian section of the recipe page! I’ve tried several versions of homemade veggie burgers previously, but had always been disappointed. I think the problem was that they were missing cheese. Cheese makes everything better – especially a spicy monterrey jack! What’s truly special about this burger is the mango […]

Mango Cardamom Bread Pudding

This was the dessert that followed the beef short rib sandwiches. What can I say, we were feeling indulgent that day. Days like that are rare but delicious. I haven’t made a whole lot of bread pudding in my day, but I know it’s basically a sweet version of the breakfast strata that I made […]

Mango Pudding

So this was the dessert at the cooking class for the Hoisin Pork Tenderloin. And. It. Is. Delicious. It tastes fresh and light. I cut the recipe in half but I think my mangoes were larger than most (Ha. That wasn’t meant to be . . . um . . . moving on). The recipe […]