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Sleeping at Last: Keep No Score

So I first heard about Sleeping at Last in Cold Tangerines and I recently revisited her short story, Needle and Thread (which you should read if you haven’t – that’s a pdf link to the short story), which is where that band is mentioned. I looked up the band and listened to samples of their […]

Ray LaMontagne: Gossip in the Grain

There is something about his gritty voice that just draws me in. Maybe part of it is the fact that he’s a bit of a recluse and not in the music industry for the fame and fortune of it all. I have thoroughly played out his last two CDs with Til the Sun Turns Black […]

Lisa Hannigan: Sea Sew

Anyone who knows me well knows that I really like Damien Rice. I’ve also always had a love for his back up singer, Lisa Hannigan. Her voice is so unique and the two of them together, although so unique individually are just magical together. I was a little sad to hear that the two of […]

Ben Folds: Way to Normal

I think you know a CD is good when all of the songs on it seem to get stuck in your head everyday, even without listening to the CD that day. Now, me and Ben Folds, we have a long history. I think he is a genius and it all started with the album, Whatever […]

Xavier Rudd: Food in the Belly

So Mindy introduced me to this guy through her ACL experience a couple weeks ago. Rudd sounds like Amos Lee, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, a touch of Damien Rice and probably more that I can’t think of right now. I can’t get over it. Xavier Rudd is a name to remember. […]

What Made Milwaukee Famous:: What Doesn’t Kill Us

WMMF‘s Sophomore CD, What Doesn’t Kill Us, is the first I have heard of this Austin band (yay for local bands!) and I am thoroughly enjoying this CD. I can hear a mix of influences in their music, some of their piano driven songs remind me of Ben Folds (And the Grief Goes On), while […]

Brooke Fraser:: Albertine

In all reality, I don’t listen to much Christian music. I got burnt out with it when I was in high school and the church was telling me that was all I was allowed to listen to. Additionally, I think it’s silly to have a separate genre of ‘Christian’ music. We all experience similar things […]