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Fat Quarter Totes

I whipped up a three fat quarter tote bags as gifts this past Sunday and I thought they turned out really cute! It’s a free pattern that you can find at Cicada Daydreams. It’s about the perfect size to be a lunch tote. I love that the instructions show you how to utilize the entire […]

Tote Bag Lunch Time

Super fun lunch today! I met with my ‘Little Sister’, Amy (through Big Brothers, Big Sisters) and I taught her a bit about sewing. We sewed this great little tote bag that she is modeling below: She’s going to be the talk of the school when they all find out that she sewed that nifty […]

A Crafty Day Off – Part 2

I’m afraid this post may not be as exciting as the last one. At least, I’m not as excited about it as my last one. Sadly, my second day of crafting was not quite as productive as I would have hoped. Mainly because of the failed attempt at another pattern I created on my own. […]

A Crafty Day Off – Part 1

Mom, if you’re reading this, you should stop now, unless you want the surprise of your Christmas gift to be ruined. . . 🙂 Come back after Christmas!

Reversible Purse

I made this little purse for a friend of mine, whose birthday is today. (Happy Birthday Kristin! This bag is for you!) For this cute little bag, I used Martha Stewart’s free Reversible Purse Pattern. I love that the bag is reversible – if I make another, I may embroider something on the solid fabric […]

The second of many. (And the AJ clutch is born)

This is the second clutch that I’ve made of my own design. The first was alright but needed some help. I decided to draft up my own pattern and see how it would turn out. I was trying another simple clutch. I’m calling this on the AJ Clutch (mainly because she had this fabric all […]

Sewing, sewing, sewing.

So a couple nights ago, I made some toys for my cat. I know, he sounds spoiled (and he is sometimes) but I only have ONE toy that is truly a cat toy (not a foil ball) in my whole house. So I made these. I sprinkled in some cat nip as I was stuffing […]