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Secret Sewing

Saturday I helped throw a baby shower for a friend. I love throwing baby showers and all the planning/sewing/cooking that comes along with it! How cute is this onesie banner? I love practical decorations! I always have such a hard time staying quiet when I’m sewing gifts for friends! I want to post pictures before […]

Stippling, Quilts, Pillows, Bumpers

Wow. I’m sad to say I haven’t posted anything about sewing since March 10th. Life has just been that busy. I mean, it took a vacation for me to have enough time to finish up some projects that I’ve had going on for awhile! So, here are a few of them: I got lazy on […]

A bit of sewing. . .

Ah yes, the quilt. The top of it is all sewn together and I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turning out – although you can tell from the picture that it needs some love from the iron. To finish off the quilt, there’s a particular sewing machine foot that you need to do the […]

The New Machine.

Isn’t she beautiful? I took her on some test drives this weekend, finishing up a couple of baby projects for me! I finished the diaper changing pad (from Little Stitches) and the baby sling. What I’m most excited about? I finished sewing together all of the blocks for the baby quilt. Does anyone else think […]

Sewing and surprise secrets!

I’m pretty excited. You want to know why? Well, Jason surprised me by buying me a new sewing machine. You see the machine that Amanda is sewing on in the picture on the left? That’s my new machine, the Singer Confidence 7470. That’s right – the machine I sewed on at Maker Faire. The one […]

Sugar and spice and everything nice or snakes and snails and puppy dog tails?

We are so excited to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl this upcoming Monday. I thought it would be fun to do a poll and see if y’all could guess which sex the baby will be! Poll is closed! The results were 19 to 19, a perfect 50/50! Whatever the […]