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Catcher in the Rye

So I think I may have mentioned that I was going to try to intersperse my book reading with classics that I hadn’t read in high school. This idea started with our book club reading Farenheit 451. It seems that many had read this before in high school but I had not. What other books […]

The Dark Knight

We have been waiting a long time for this one. Since Batman Begins actually. And on Saturday, along with a group of my coworkers and friends, we saw it at the IMAX. Go see it. See it at the IMAX if you can. The several IMAX scenes are sweeping, dark and beautiful – typically vast […]

Willoughby:: I Know What You’re Up To

So, the Relevant podcast has a definite influence on the music I get exposed to. I bought this album after they played Frankenstein on the podcast (which is probably my favorite song on the album). I am reminded of a cross between the Beatles (it helps that ‘Losing You’ is a John Lennon cover) and […]

Book Club:: Farenheit 451

I finished up this month’s book, Farenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury very quickly (obviously, since book club is not until July 25th) because I really enjoyed the book. It is amazing to me how a book written in the 1950s has such insight into the current situation of the world (although I was cracked up by […]