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Sewing, sewing, sewing.

So a couple nights ago, I made some toys for my cat. I know, he sounds spoiled (and he is sometimes) but I only have ONE toy that is truly a cat toy (not a foil ball) in my whole house. So I made these. I sprinkled in some cat nip as I was stuffing […]

Sewing My First Apron . . .

So, I tried to get some sewing done this week while Jason was away and I was sick. Sadly, my sewing machine decided to break right as I was about to finish the matching pot holders to this apron (PS, Austin friends, where do you take your sewing machine to get fixed?): I have to […]

Nothing says “I Love You” Like . . .

a pair of homemade undies! 🙂 That’s right, I made Jason a pair of boxers (probably the first of many) this weekend! They were really fun to sew – and not too hard at all. I wasn’t sure whether the book (Sew Everything Workshop) sized the pattern in girl sizes or boy sizes, so I […]

Sewing Extravaganza: Part Deux

So, Ellie, Amanda and I had our second sewing party this Saturday. I did not come prepared due to a hectic week (and probably should have been ‘shunned’ from the party, but Amanda and Ellie were kind to me) so I spent the first 2 hours cutting out and ironing my fabric for my tunic […]

Easy, Breezy, Wrap Skirt

So this was the other project of the weekend (oh how I love finding fabric on sale). I am not much of a pink wearer, but I liked this coral linen fabric enough to take it home (the price tag helped) and make this skirt. Again I used Diana Rupp’s book, Sew Everything Workshop. I […]

I just had to . . .

I was itching to make something last night. And with sewing projects, I need INSTANT gratification. So while watching our recorded So You Think You Can Dance, I made the Tokyo Tie Bag from my new book by Diana Rupp, Sew Everything Workshop. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out – I just need […]