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Spicy Shrimp and Grits

I love grits. I was raised on cream of wheat, which is similar, but in my opinion, inferior to grits. I hadn’t had grits until I got to college, and then I started eating them every morning for breakfast. Some butter, some cheese, some salt and pepper. Yum. Breakfast of champions. Ha. Now, something else […]

Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Mayo

Yummy. This reminds me of something you would order at a restaurant – it’s so delicious! I love it when I make a meal I feel like I could purchase in a restaurant! I was pretty lucky because I had everything at home already except for the shrimp, so this made for a fairly inexpensive […]

Pickled Shrimp Tacos with Fresh Pineapple Salsa

I don’t remember signing up for the Whole Foods recipe list, but somehow I am on it. Now, I’m not complaining – they have some great recipes on their e-mail blasts. This past e-mail was all on ‘No-Cook Suppers’, which is nice during these record breaking heat filled Austin summer days. I liked that this […]

Do you have more summer veggies than you know what to do with?

Than this recipe is for you! (Car salesman Beth is done at this point forward.) This is delicious and so beautiful! I loved all of the colors from the different vegetables. I used both squash and zuchinni and used those beautiful heirloom tomatoes too. It tastes like summer! Recipe for Orzo with Grilled Shrimp, Summer […]