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a reminder for you ladies

*Warning to Men* Proceed forward at your own risk. Just saying. 🙂 After 18 months of not having to deal with this little annoyance, I had forgotten how much this product improves my quality of life. (Side note – another wonderful benefit of nursing until your baby is a year old is that it delays […]

We’ve Got Beef!

. . . was the title of the e-mail I received Thursday night. That’s right. Our half cow was ready. Alexander Farms is mostly known as a chicken farm with a sustainable focus. I see their eggs offered in some of the most locally conscious restaurants in town (like Fino), but I found out through […]

What are you participating in?

Buy Nothing Day? or Black Friday? Why?

Tightening the $$ Belt.

Lately, Jason and I have been re-evaluating what we’re spending our money on. We’ve gone through and canceled a lot of services that we’re recognizing are just sucking money from our paychecks. Jason found Mint (a free personal finance software) which allows us to digitally track all of our spending (yay for less paper!). It […]

Newest Cheap Green Purchases

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my sustainable quest – but believe me, it’s always on my mind. There are somethings that I’ve been researching and trying out before I wanted to pass them on to you guys. When I am trying to purchase ‘green’ items, I do a lot of research […]

Cheap Veggie Wash

I’ve talked about the Organic vs Non-Organic dilemma a couple of times on my blog. I know buying organic is expensive and sometimes not as environmentally friendly as buying locally. Well, it seems that there is a good, cheap option to clean your fruit/veggies of pesticides, bugs, bacteria and anything else that could make you […]

No Paraben, No SLS, No Dye Body Wash

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday – crazy weekend and a crazy Monday at work! Sadly, I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping and I haven’t gotten my sewing machine back so I don’t have any recipe posts or crafty posts right now. But I have continued my research on safe and environmentally […]