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Craft Swap Goodies

So last week, I received my craft swap goodies from my swap partner, Jessica. I have to say that I absolutely love everything that she made me! I had been wanting to make this exact pincushion for me (because somehow, I still don’t own a pin holder), but I’m not very good at making sewing […]

Red and Aqua Swap

So this was my first swap experience, and in all honesty, I didn’t really know what to expect. . . I had tons of questions, like how many items are appropriate (you have $20 to spend but do you go for quantity or quality?), how personalized do you make the gifts? . . . I […]

Swap? This sounds fun!

I signed up for a swap! I still don’t even fully understand what a swap is, but I think it involves me making something in the theme of the swap (which is Aqua and Red) and sending it to my partner! I’m pretty excited because I found a half a yard of each of these […]