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the kitchen

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone picture but we were really lazy and just didn’t take many ‘good’ pictures with our nice camera! This was the beautiful kitchen I cooked in while we were on vacation. It was amazing. Double oven. Griddle in the center of the eight burner stove. Cappuccino¬†machine. I miss it already. […]

the house of relaxation

Just wait until you see the inside. The kitchen . . . oh the kitchen.

A Long Floridian Weekend

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of spending a long weekend with my Aunt, Uncles, cousins and my new second cousin! Meet Dylan! Isn’t he so cute? And I also got to meet Diana’s puppy, Mimi who was an utter character: We spent our first day relaxing by the pool, playing with Dylan and […]

Portland Vacation Summary

So I thought it would be helpful to anyone that may consider going to Portland, Oregon to have a quick view of the things and places that we would recommend checking out (I know a couple people in my office wanted to see a list of our recommendations, so here you guys go!): Downtown Hotels: […]

Portland – Day 4

We didn’t take too many pictures on Sunday. It was a laid back, lazy sort of day. Well, once we finished getting lost on the Portland city buses. We decided to visit Donald Miller’s church, Imago Dei, but Google Maps was a little confused as to it’s true location. So we got there, but 45 […]

Portland – Day 3

Yesterday morning we decided to head out to the Portland Saturday Market. I love that markets like this exist and promote local foods, products, art and music. We saw some . . . interesting. . . stuff. We also picked up our souvenirs for the trip. Jason found his ring he had wanted for awhile […]

Portland – Day 2

Yesterday was a day of hiking and beautiful (if not stunning) natural features. We began our day at Voodoo Doughnuts at the urging of just about everyone that had been to Portland before. After being amused by the original vodoo donut (complete with raspberry filling and a pretzel for poking) and maple bacon donut, we […]