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Vanilla Bean Scones

I don’t frequent Starbucks very often. Mainly because it’s expensive and I can make coffee at home. Better coffee. But, it is a very good place to meet people for hanging out and chatting. That being said, I succumbed to their petite vanilla scones awhile back, mainly because: I was hungry, I like scones, they […]

Ginger and Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée

And the final crème brûlée. I actually made this one from start to finish! And I was proud of myself for how it turned out. I’m pretty convinced that I should get a culinary torch now so I can continue to make these delectable desserts whenever the craving should hit. Especially now that I know […]


So I don’t have much to say today as it’s been a busy week full of deadlines and not feeling too well, but I thought I’d give an update on the vanilla extract brewing. . . The Bourbon vanilla beans are darkening the vodka significantly faster than the Mexican vanilla beans. It’s been marinating for […]

Wait. You can make vanilla extract?

So Jenn originally posted about this a couple weeks ago and I was intrigued. Well, and running out of the huge bottle of Mexican vanilla extract I got on my honeymoon over two years ago. She posted about this website that details the process of creating vanilla extract. I think my favorite part is that […]