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baby plants!

I feel pretty childish about how excited I am that some plants are actually sprouting! You know, like in the third grade where everyone planted a couple of beans and got all excited when they actually grew? What are you looking at in the picture below that is peeking its head up? Well, there are […]

garden time

When we were looking for a new house last fall, one of the things I looked for was a backyard that got a significant amount of sun. I wanted a garden because it is the only solution to my food dilemma that I have found. It can keep costs for organic foods down, the food […]

Pasta and Beans

I mentioned that last week was a week of vegetarianism for me in preparation for all of the beef that we would be receiving! So I queued up my grocery list with a couple of new vegetarian meals. I’d say both of these were moderately successful. My struggle is that after awhile, I get tired […]

Feta Chicken and Vegetables

So this recipe is so easy and I like it because it only uses a cutting board, one bowl and one pan. Pretty nice in the clean up department. It also doesn’t have many ingredients that I don’t typically have in the house (only three – bell pepper, red onion and chicken – and sometimes […]