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Veggie Burger with Muhammara

I am still trying to beef up bulk up the vegetarian section of my recipes page, so I have been trying out different vegetarian recipes for you guys. Some have failed miserably and some have just been mediocre. Then I went to a lunch time cooking class at Whole Foods and had these veggie burgers. […]

Black Bean Veggie Burger with Mango Salsa

Add another successful recipe to the vegetarian section of the recipe page! I’ve tried several versions of homemade veggie burgers previously, but had always been disappointed. I think the problem was that they were missing cheese. Cheese makes everything better – especially a spicy monterrey jack! What’s truly special about this burger is the mango […]

Pasta and Beans

I mentioned that last week was a week of vegetarianism for me in preparation for all of the beef that we would be receiving! So I queued up my grocery list with a couple of new vegetarian meals. I’d say both of these were moderately successful. My struggle is that after awhile, I get tired […]

Lemon Gnocchi with Spinach and Peas

So I was searching for a quick and easy pasta dish last week and stumbled on this delicious meal. It’s not exactly the most healthy meal, but I think you could probably make the sauce with some milk that has been reduced but it won’t have the same richness to it. The boxed unrefrigerated gnocchi […]

Sushi Bowl

So my picture is not near as beautiful as Heidi Swanson’s picture at 101cookbooks.com but her recipe was so good, healthy, vegetarian, that I had to pass the recipe on, my poor picture included! Just a quick note about eating vegetarian – it is a very good idea to try and eat a couple meatless […]

Zucchini + Goat Cheese = Love

We had a successful little dinner party last night and I will be progressively posting the recipes that I tried out on everyone since they were all pretty delicious. These little tarts were awesome and really easy to make. Gotta love a recipe where you don’t have to make the pie crust from scratch! It’s […]