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Carrot Soup with Dill Pesto

In honor of national carrot day, I thought I would whip up a little something something for this veggie. This recipe appealed to me because it had relatively few ingredients and I like dill. I was surprised at how such simple ingredients made such a tasty soup! A few interesting carrot facts? The tops of […]

Just a reminder . . .

If you are interested in winning free tickets to Jim Carrey’s new movie Yes Man (courtesy of Yes to Carrots), this is just a reminder to leave a comment on my post from Saturday by midnight on Wednesday letting me know what you say yes to in the new year!

Yes to Carrots: Yes Man

As some of you may know, I use Yes to Carrots for my shampoo and conditioner because it’s paraben free, they’ve recently removed SLS, the price is right and it smells really good! Well, Yes to Carrots is giving me free tickets to give away for the new Jim Carrey Yes Man movie! So here’s […]

Blue Screen of Death

We got the blue screen of death last night on our PC desktop which means: no pictures. It’s time to get rid of that piece of crap computer. We’re transitioning to a Macbook Pro right now (which we should have by tomorrow) otherwise I would be posting about some delicious lasagna and a fantastic sewing […]

Yes to Carrots

Oh goodness, my hair is silky soft today. I did it, I quit the no ‘poo. It was such a relief this morning to see my hair go back to it’s pre no ‘poo state. No more waxy, weird feeling hair. Yes to Carrots is paraben free so that is a step in the right […]